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EAS antennas / Loss prevention systems

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Since 2004, Thoonsen is specialised in the creation, the manufacturing, the sales and the installation of EAS antennas and retail theft prevention systems. Every year, more than 1000 of our EAS systems are set up. We work with the leaders of the french retail industry. Thanks to the quality and the sucess of our anti theft products, more than fifteen companies now sell our EAS tags and systems across the world.

Our security systems are available in the most common EAS technologies against theft: radio frequency antennas ( RF ) and acousto magnetic antennas ( AM ).

The radio frequency anti theft system is most commonly used to fight against shoplifting in supermarkets, hypermarkets and also in fashion and textile shops, DIY stores and the shops dedicated to cultural products. The RF antitheft technology is the most commonly used by retailers who source-protect their items because there is a wide range of EAS labels for this anti theft strategy.

The acousto-magnetic anti-theft technology is mostly used by stores in shopping malls and big retailers because the AM antennas have a stronger detection and therefore, the space between them can be enlarged. Moreover, it is the loss prevention system that pharmacies and cosmetics shops favour because the AM labels are very small and they can be inserted in packagings easily.