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Hyper Tag - Protect blisters and textile items

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Ref : JM10918
Hyper Tag - Protect blisters and textile items
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All-round solution against shoplifters. Our security tag can be used to protect all types of products against theft.

Description :

More security : Made up of just one piece, it is impossible to rip this tag off garments.

All-round solution : Can be used on all types of products according to what’s on sale at that time of the year.

Kind to your products : Ideal for protecting delicate articles as it can be put on without piercing holes.

Saves time : Thanks to its new locking system, employees spend 30% less time putting on and removing tags.

Safe : Fewer accidents in the work place as the pin is fixed onto a tongue mechanism that is part of the plastic tag.

Economical : The tag forms one piece. This means less handling time and no loss of pins.

Simple to use : Thanks to its pincher mechanism, only one hand is needed to put on and remove this tag, making it simpler and quicker to use.

Discretion : Thanks to its size, making it light, the Hyper Tag is a discreet accessory.


RF: Standard Lock - JM10908

RF: Super Lock - JM10918

RF: Hyper Lock - JM10928

AM: Super Lock - JM50918

​AM: Hyper Lock - JM50918

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