Case Studies

Intermarche Boissy-Saint-Léger

Products used :
Anti-theft antennas & accessories, guidance, gates & fittings Blackline

Mr. Gaylord SOULÉ

Member of the INTERMARCHÉ store in Boissy-Saint-Léger Boissy-Saint-Léger

Today, we hear a lot about you, especially because of your referencing within the Mousquetaires group. For my part, I had heard about you from a supplier.

It was the design - the color, the shape - that made me lean towards Thoonsen. In my opinion, the chrome tube is more than old-fashioned and the black Blackline style goes well with our store concept, especially in Express format. We are on wood, black, quite industrial things for the gondolas, the furniture. The two work well together.

At the level of the installation and the technical follow-up, Thoonsen was very reactive. We did a good work upstream to work well on the subject, and the realization went well, in spite of the inevitable small imponderances of building site which we circumvented without too much problem : between what we draw on a plan and the reality of the field, there is sometimes a beautiful difference, to which the technician succeeded in adapting perfectly. The rendering is impeccable, without any visible cables. The functioning of the systems after installation is impeccable, we are very satisfied. Moreover, you were able to adapt to small specific requests, which is a real plus, appreciated by our network.

At Thoonsen, the human aspect also plays an important role. The contact was direct with our dedicated field sales person, who ensured us a qualitative follow-up from the beginning to the end. Reactive, with good advice and a well positioned quality/price ratio, this played a huge role in our decision. I had many members who noticed the visual aspect of the store, and who asked me with whom I had collaborated. So naturally I recommended Thoonsen. That's how it works with us !

Antennas with bases, high partitions in polycarbonate.

Gates, anti-theft antennas and Blackline guidance.

The SCO area : antennas, partitions and automatic gate with barcode reader head from the Blackline collection.