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Alert buttons


In the context of the protection of isolated workers, when a member of your staff is alone with a client (beauty treatment booths...).

The WNS (Wireless Network System) allows you to create a wireless alert network in your store, and for your employees to alert their colleagues of incivility (e.g. "CABIN ALERT 2"). To do this, they simply press the alert button. The message is sent directly to the dedicated receiving device, without any intermediary, and allows for rapid intervention if necessary.

> 1 button = 1 message
The WNS solution is fully dedicated for maximum security. Simple and efficient to use, each button corresponds to a message or an action. In case of incivility, your collaborator does not need to think : he simply presses the button.

> 100% customizable
The WNS network is customizable to your needs. During the installation, we adapt the texts of the messages according to your needs. We can also adapt the stickers or add buttons to the receiving device (from one to six).

> Fully self-installing system
Installed in 3 minutes !
Pre-programmed messages, battery-powered alert buttons, easy to stick on any support, receivers to be connected to the power supply.