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Black Line 40 AM - EAS antenna

Ref : JM56400MONOJM56410RX
Black Line 40 AM - EAS antenna
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Our theft prevention system is a great anti-shoplifting solution to protect your shop entrance.

Description :

Acousto-Magnetic System: Allows up to 2 meters coverage for wide aisles.


Automatic synchronization: It automatically synchronises with other antennas nearby, reducing false alarms.


Discreet protection: The antennas detect very small labels (1X4cm) up to 1,80 meter.


Removable advertising panel: 100% of your customers know about your latest offers.


Refined design : Its aluminum frame improves detection and strengthens the antenna. The base of the antenna is shielded in order to limit interference. It has a metal base plate to resist against trolley damage.


LED alarm lighting and ringing: When a protection goes through the system, the red lights on top of the antenna light up and ring (You can adapt the volume of the alarm to suit your store environment).



REF: JM56400 mono ; JM56410 RX