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LE MONDE // Article by Benoît Hopquin

"Steak under high protection : an inflation of anti-theft devices in shops".

"Developed in the 1990s and booming over the last twenty years, these objects are ready to ring the bell at electronic gates and are available in an infinite variety of forms. [...] The decline in purchasing power and the proliferation of automatic checkouts, which are less closely monitored than human checkouts, are prompting retailers to 'tag' more and more basic products.

[...] The number of shoplifting complaints rose by 14% in 2022, according to figures from the French Ministry of the Interior.

[...] With the current economic climate and the proliferation of automatic checkouts, the temptation to forget something at the bottom of your shopping bag is all the greater. Especially when you're talking about vanilla pods or tins of crab costing 25 euros."

READ THE FULL ARTICLE by Benoît Hopquin dated 20 April 2023 :

Thoonsen au journal télévisé de TF1

TF1 // 8pm News Bulletin, 13 August 2023

"Shoplifting has risen by 14% since last year in supermarkets"

In France, this phenomenon has grown considerably. With inflation, shoplifting rose by 14% last year. This summer, beach shops are obviously affected, but not only. On the shelves of supermarkets, food products have become targets : anything goes to protect them. Manufacturers of anti-theft devices have seen their orders soar.

At this company in Châteauroux, sales have almost doubled in the space of a year. It manufactures anti-theft devices for all kinds of products : cans, tins and even vacuum-packed ham.

"The protectors have to be easy for employees to fit, and easy to unlock once they've reached the checkout", says Jacky Thoonsen, CEO of the company of the same name.

WATCH THE TF1 REPORT by Léa Merlier, Corinne Chevroton and Marie Simon dated 13 August 2023 :

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'ENVOYÉ SPÉCIAL' // Special report with Thoonsen on France 2

"Inflation : when French people steal to eat"

The journalist Jérôme LEVY's team came to film in our offices last January for a SPECIAL REPORT on the theme of shoplifting in large stores. Find Jacky Thoonsen's intervention in the replay of the February 9th broadcast on France 2 !

A report by Jérôme Levy, Marjorie Lafon, Mikael Bozo, Vincent Kelner broadcast in "Envoyé spécial" on February 9, 2023.

Meet us at EUROSHOP trade fair

26 februar - 2 march 2023

Discover our world exclusive innovations on EUROSHOP in Düsseldorf (Germany) from February 26 to March 2, 2023.

Meet our teams in Hall 7A / Stand B15 and try out our new products to increase your customer experience at the world's N°1 retail trade fair.

La gamme Quick Bottle Plus en rayon, nouveauté 2018

NEW FOR 2018 : The QUICK BOTTLE "Plus" range

With more than 3.1 million Quick Bottles sold worldwide, this innovative anti-theft protection is our Best-Seller. It is now used by all hypermarket chains in France as well as internationally because our products are patented worldwide. Following feedback from stores, we offer a revisited version of this product that we previewed at the NRF show in New York (2018). Thanks to the increase in its diameter, this anti-theft device becomes universal as it is compatible with wine, champagne and spirits. The size of the ferrite has been increased for better detection as has the thickness of the plastic for more security. The metal version has been reinforced to make it very resistant. The ergonomics of the product has been improved to make it easier to place and hold on the bottle.

The Quick Bottle respects your products and allows you to save time on the shelf and at the checkout. Time is money !

THOONSEN confirms its position as a global manufacturer in NEW YORK CITY (USA)

We are proud to have participated in the NRF Big Show 2018 in New York, the world's largest retail show. This participation allows us to cement our place as a global player in the retail anti-theft solutions industry.

As a manufacturer, we came to present to the world our new range of innovative anti-theft solutions such as the Croco Tag, a unique anti-theft device to finally protect food packaging without piercing it and which can be detected by anti-theft antennas even with aluminium.

For this first participation, our company has made many contacts, sources of projects and international growth prospects. In particular with companies from the USA, Europe, Russia and also Latin America, as our products will be distributed throughout the continent in the long term.

We would like to thank all the people who visited us and our loyal French customers who believed in our company, our products, and allowed us to progress to satisfy their needs.

Salon EQUIPMAG 2016

EQUIPMAG // New for 2016

The company Thoonsen took advantage of the Equipmag show to present its new product for 2016.

Located in the PERIFEM village, our company, known for its focus on innovation, gave a preview of the THOOBEE® device, a global solution for securing points of sale, wireless and easy to install.

The installation presented at the show in real conditions allowed to show in a concrete way the use of the THOOBEE® box, the pager and the call buttons.

Clotilde Chenevoy, journalist at LSA magazine, was present on our stand with a film crew and she was able to film and put online the THOOBEE® demonstration : thanks to her !


Thoonsen dans le journal quotidien anglais l'Express

PRESS REVIEW // Article in the English daily newspaper l'Express

Inflation and rise of shoplifting in France

Thoonsen is quoted in an article published by Maria Ortega in the English daily newspaper l'Express : "Shoplifting offences are soaring in France, as more and more elderly people steal 'butter or cheese'."

Due to the increase in shoplifting incidents, cashiers have doubled their vigilance. Jacky Thoonsen, manager of Thoonsen, says : "A new demand in France today is for the protection of cans, sausages or tins. For 30 euros of anti-theft devices, I can protect 250 euros of goods for ten years."

Ludovic Jouaud, manager at E. Leclerc Cap Sud, in Saint-Maur (Indre - France), is confronted with quasi-professional individuals. But over the past year, because of inflation, there have been new profiles of thieves : "Currently, it's more of an elderly person, a pensioner, [who steals] his butter packet, his piece of cheese, his slice of ham, basic products that are experiencing a small increase." In one of the videos recorded by TF1, a man steals a bottle of shampoo, while he is filmed by a hidden camera.

> Read full article HERE :

Dispositif RSE antivol Thoonsen

The new Thoonsen CSR device guide is available

Discover the virtuous practices implemented in our group

The mission we have set ourselves within the Thoonsen group is to produce, in the most responsible way possible, sustainable, practical and accessible products for all our customers at the best price, through:

  • the CHOICE OF OUR MATERIALS (e.g. FSC® and PEFC® labeled wood and paper)
  • COMPLIANCE WITH SAFETY STANDARDS (handicap accessibility, fire safety and international standards)
  • INNOVATION work in partnership with PERIFEM
  • of our taking RESPONSIBILITY FOR TECHNICAL OR CHEMICAL RISKS (prohibition of Chromium VI)
  • our SOCIAL COMMITMENT (inclusion, diversity and equality of internal human resources, participative management, international ethics)
  • and finally our GOVERNANCE model, which allows us to pay particular attention to the development of our local economy, to the sharing of results within the team, to associative sponsorship and disabled sports.

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