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"Thoonsen's new home delivery solution"

VIDEO GRANDE CONSO in Paris' hyper-center, to discover the new home delivery solution designed by Thoonsen and tested by Intermarché. A solution for urban areas where LAD by conventional vehicle is difficult or downright impossible, and which significantly increases the capacity of delivery on foot. All in a low-carbon mode.

Video presented by Olivier Dauvers.

ÉMISSION CAPITAL, "Fraud, theft, cash: war is declared!"

"New anti-mowing weapons for shops"

It's an expensive scourge, with €7 billion worth of goods stolen last year, and major retailers and shopkeepers are at their wits' end. With inflation and the spread of automatic checkouts, the temptation has never been greater. We investigate the war being waged by retailers against the reaper.

Presented by Julien Courbet.


"They steal to eat", an investigation by Julien Ferrat.

With the economic crisis, more and more French people are stealing their groceries from stores. The phenomenon is exploding: up 10% in one year! Faced with this scourge, supermarket chains are fighting back.

They're students, stay-at-home moms, pensioners - and they can't make ends meet. To feed themselves, they've made the radical choice of shoplifting. Since the economic crisis, thefts of foodstuffs have exploded: up 10% in one year. How are supermarket chains trying to curb this scourge?

Program presented by Kareen Guiock Thuram.

CENTRAKOR Days 2023: thank you for your visit !

The Thoonsen team was present at CENTRAKOR Days at Homexpo Paris Gonesse.

We enjoyed talking to our customers and look forward to working together on future projects.

Anti-theft antennae and accessories, checkout furniture, guidance systems, Blackline partitions and gates: since 2005, we have been a preferred supplier to over 350 Centrakor stores.


After more than 2 years of development, Thoonsen now offers you its electrically-assisted multifunctional utility cart designed for cleaning outdoor spaces in urban environments.

This model was developed in partnership with the green spaces department of the town of Déols, who contributed to the research and development of this product, 100% made in Berry!

The Trotclean is ready to make your operatives' work easier.

© Stéphane Delétang – Ville de Déols

THE COBRA TAG // Revolution in the world of anti-theft tag

The Cobra Tag is a textile anti-theft tag that won't pierce even the most fragile products.

Featuring a very fine nail, it is easy to handle without injury.

Watch the video at the following link:

Many thanks to INTERSPORT ISSOUDUN for producing this video.

LE MONDE // Article by Benoît Hopquin

"Steak under high protection : an inflation of anti-theft devices in shops".

"Developed in the 1990s and booming over the last twenty years, these objects are ready to ring the bell at electronic gates and are available in an infinite variety of forms. [...] The decline in purchasing power and the proliferation of automatic checkouts, which are less closely monitored than human checkouts, are prompting retailers to 'tag' more and more basic products.

[...] The number of shoplifting complaints rose by 14% in 2022, according to figures from the French Ministry of the Interior.

[...] With the current economic climate and the proliferation of automatic checkouts, the temptation to forget something at the bottom of your shopping bag is all the greater. Especially when you're talking about vanilla pods or tins of crab costing 25 euros."

READ THE FULL ARTICLE by Benoît Hopquin dated 20 April 2023 :

Thoonsen au journal télévisé de TF1

TF1 // 8pm News Bulletin, 13 August 2023

"Shoplifting has risen by 14% since last year in supermarkets"

In France, this phenomenon has grown considerably. With inflation, shoplifting rose by 14% last year. This summer, beach shops are obviously affected, but not only. On the shelves of supermarkets, food products have become targets : anything goes to protect them. Manufacturers of anti-theft devices have seen their orders soar.

At this company in Châteauroux, sales have almost doubled in the space of a year. It manufactures anti-theft devices for all kinds of products : cans, tins and even vacuum-packed ham.

"The protectors have to be easy for employees to fit, and easy to unlock once they've reached the checkout", says Jacky Thoonsen, CEO of the company of the same name.

WATCH THE TF1 REPORT by Léa Merlier, Corinne Chevroton and Marie Simon dated 13 August 2023 :

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'ENVOYÉ SPÉCIAL' // Special report with Thoonsen on France 2

"Inflation : when French people steal to eat"

The journalist Jérôme LEVY's team came to film in our offices last January for a SPECIAL REPORT on the theme of shoplifting in large stores. Find Jacky Thoonsen's intervention in the replay of the February 9th broadcast on France 2 !

A report by Jérôme Levy, Marjorie Lafon, Mikael Bozo, Vincent Kelner broadcast in "Envoyé spécial" on February 9, 2023.