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Salon C-STAR 2015 à Shanghai

Thoonsen thanks you for visiting our booth at C-Star Shanghai - May 2015

On May 13, 14 and 15, the first edition of the international distribution exhibition in Shanghai, the C-Star, took place. On this occasion, Thoonsen was able to present its latest innovations. We would like to thank the organizers of the show for the great welcome we received, and the visitors of our booth during this edition.

Thoonsen, the top of innovation

The “Top de l'Innovation” trophy was awarded to Thoonsen by the local newspaper.

On December 19th, the “Top de l'Innovation” trophy was awarded to Thoonsen by the local newspaper “la Nouvelle République”. For 10 years, Thoonsen's has been specializing in offering antitheft solutions to the Retail market. But the company’s main point of strength is its ability to innovate. For its founder Jacky Thoonsen this is in fact the key to their success « If we hadn’t started innovating, the firm would be closed ».

By giving this award to Thoonsen “la Nouvelle République” has acknowledged all the work that the company has put in to innovation with, to its credit, 5 patents in France, 1 in China, 1 in the United States and more patents pending in Europe, Brazil, Russia, China and the United States.

Discover Thoonsen's new shop technologies at the NRF Big show: increase profits & customer satisfaction, manage your stocks and lower shrinkage!

With the advent of e-commerce, retail outlets have to rethink their business model if they want to keep up because stores experienced little technological progress in 20 years. The solution is to offer more customer service. To achieve that, you need to have sales staff on hand to answer queries rapidly with a quality service.

In light of this context, Thoonsen will be presenting a range of new complementary shop technologies that are ready to increase your profits & customer satisfaction, manage your stock and lower shrinkage. One technology consists in wireless call buttons for customers who need advice and service in your fitting rooms & departments. This technology can be combined with RFID+EAS dual technology security hard tags to identify and quickly find the right products that your customers need, to improve store management and inventory processes. These security tags come with an automatic opening feature for self check-outs so they can be taken off safely by the customer once payment has been made.

Meet us at Level 1 - Hall 1A - Booth #1619 to discover our new range of  anti theft tags!

Thoonsen reçoit le prix indrien

Thoonsen receives the "Top of Innovation" award

On December 19th, the Top of Innovation award was given to Thoonsen by the newspaper La Nouvelle République. For 10 years, Thoonsen has specialized in solutions against shoplifting and more particularly in the food market. But what makes the strength of the company today is its ability to innovate.

For Jacky Thoonsen, the creator of the company, this is the key to its success : "If we hadn't started innovating, the company would have closed." In awarding this prize, the Nouvelle République rewards the work done by the company in terms of innovation, with no less than 5 patents validated in France, 1 in China, 1 in the United States and the upcoming validation of patents in Europe, Brazil, Russia, China and the United States.