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Thanks to its field expertise since 2004 and its internal research department, which places it among the most innovative companies in the sector, the Thoonsen team offers to share its analysis on fundamental or topical subjects. In other words : understand to perform better.

Les nouveaux parcours d'encaissement pour optimiser vos flux client

The New Customer Journey

Streamline the purchasing process and improve the in-store customer experience to increase loyalty. These are the challenges of improving the customer journey for stores.

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L'équipe MOXO avec les gammes de véhicules

Electric Mobility at the
service of commerce

Electric mobility refers to the use of electric vehicles (EVs) as a means of transport. These vehicles are powered by electricity rather than fossil fuels, making them a cleaner and more sustainable alternative to traditional petrol cars.

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Interpellation, les astuces

Interpellation, basic rules and legal aspects

Presumption of innocence, customer reassurance, discretion… There are guidelines to follow in order to harmlessly intercept a suspect of theft.

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De nouvelles normes de recyclage en magasin pour 2023

Recycling Standards for manufacturers and distributors in 2023

Pushing production and consumption patterns towards a more circular model : This is the objective of the Anti-Waste law for a circular economy (AWCE), promulgated in february 2020, completed with the law called the « Climat et résilience » (climate and resilience) act in August 22, 2021(2).

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Le Plan Particulier de Mise en Sûreté pallie aux urgences

What is « PPMS » ?

« PPMS » - “Individual Security Plan” in English – governs the protection of citizens in public establishments and allows the implementation of safeguard measures for students and staff while awaiting the arrival of emergency services or a return to normal.

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L'incivilité dans le commerce

Incivility in Retail

66% of retail employees say they are exposed to incivilities, and 68% are stressed or anxious in a context of chronic incivilities.

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La démarque inconnue, un fléau pour les magasins

Theft and Shrinkage

France is the country with the most theft in Europe, behind the United Kingdom. The vast majority of shrinkage, the scourge of any business and a major financial loss, is theft from customers (60%) and employees (25%).

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Comparatif des technologies RF et AM

Comparison of RF & AM Technologies

The two most popular anti-theft technologies are radio frequency and acousto-magnetic. Thoonsen helps you compare the two.

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