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De nouvelles normes de recyclage en magasin pour 2023

Recycling Standards for manufacturers and distributors in 2023

Pushing production and consumption patterns towards a more circular model : This is the objective of the Anti-Waste law for a circular economy (AWCE), promulgated in february 2020. The law called the « Climat et résilience » (climate and resilience) act in August 22, 2021(2) clarifies and supplements the system.

A series of measures provide for the implementation of concrete actions on behalf of producers and distributeurs of the EEE (1) :
• The Anti-Waste law for a circular economy, known as the « AGEC » in France : A French law that is intended to accelerate a change of model for production and consumption in order to limit waste and preserve natural resources, biodiversity and climat.
• Directive EEE : European Directive aimed specifically at the waste management of electrical and electronic equipment.
• European Green Deal : The European commission’s new action plan to make the European economy sustainable.


As a distributor or EEE manufacturer, you have to implement the return of your customers’ used equipment. For the collection and recycling of electrical and electronic equipment, as well as waste (Packaging, blister packs…), Thoonsen has created a range of attractive recycling furniture, not bulky, easy to use and adaptable.

Our recycling furniture meets the requirement of the AGEC standards established in January 2023, making mandatory the sorting of packaging and EEE(1) household products in-store (Battery,light bulbs & neon lights, small electronic equipment, packaging…). They offer the possibility to sort packaging and used products such as cardboard, blister packs, batteries, light bulbs, cartridges, household goods – up to a dozen type of products.

Compatible with standard and stackable plastic bins, they avoid dangerous handling for your staff and respect the maximum load recommended by labour legislation.

In France, collection is managed by ECOSYSTEM, the unique eco-organization commissioned by the Public authorities in France : Used Light blubs and neon lights are dealt with using boxes supplied free of charge by them. Our recycling furniture is compact and designed to blend with any store concept. The units are mounted on wheels to facilitate cleaning your recycling area, enabling you to move them according to requirements.

• Referent text :
• Law analysis by NICE (National Institute of Circular Economy) :


(1) Electronic and Electronical Equipment
(2) Law n°2021-1104 of August 22, 2021 on combating climate change and strengthening resilience to its effects, this law deals with eco-modulation, advertising, re-use fund, washing machine conception, reinforcement of sanctions in case of failure to comply with the provisions concerning the design, production and distribution of waste generating products.
(3) You are considered as a producer of EEE as defined by the EEE regulations, if you are a company established in France selling on the French market electrical equipment that you manufacture in France or abroad ; import via European suppliers or from the rest of the world ; distribute under your own brand (EEE purshased in France or abroad). If you sell remotely to French users from another counry than France, you also have the producer’s status.