Wireless Alert Buttons
Anti-incivility / PPMS (1)

(1) Particular Safety Plan.

(2) Eléas study for the French National Assembly.

Incivility, a daily

66% of retail employees say they are exposed to incivilities, and 68% of employees are stressed or anxious in a context of chronic incivilities (2).

Rude or disrespectful behavior is sometimes common in sales environments such as stores. Whether it comes from employees or customers, these situations detract from the overall shopping experience, customer loyalty or the daily well-being of employees.

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ThooBee® Wireless Alert Buttons

Alert transmitter button :

Receiving/transmitting device :

ThooBee® Wireless Alert Buttons

ThooBee® Wireless Alert Buttons

Anti-incivility System / PPMS (1)

The ThooBee® solution meets the new demands of retail and public reception sectors in terms of the overall security of shops, communities and people.

The ThooBee® wireless system can be easily deployed and self-installed in all areas receiving members of the public.

The equipment is connected together to enable the remote management of security issues. In the event of risks (incivilities, armed robbery, etc.), it limits the consequences very quickly and securely.
The ThooBee® system :

  • Warns shop staff (sound or light alarms, PUSH/text messages, etc.) to make them feel safer;
  • Identifies the type of threat to implement the procedures planned by the Security Department (evacuation, containment, etc.);
  • Immediately reports any problems to the hierarchy (shop security management, region, national) and/or, if necessary, to the law enforcement authorities.

We have developed a global security management solution that was previously unavailable on the market.

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ThooBee® PPMS system (1)




with other communication systems

PERFORMANCE (secured protocol)

(secured protocol)


to fight against the incivilities suffered by staff

Case Studies

Schools in the city of Châteauroux

Since the beginning of the school year 2021, a deployment plan of the THOOBEE® PPMS solution is in place in all the classes of the 33 schools of the city of Châteauroux, equipped with an alert box in case of risk of attack.

The Victor Hugo elementary school was chosen to become the test school. In the seven classrooms of this school, the THOOBEE® PPMS boxes have two buttons : 'help' for daily problems and 'confinement' in case of intrusion. They allow to alert the principal of a problem, who has a THOOKNOW control panel allowing him to know where the alert comes from and to apply the pre-established safety procedure.

The system triggers an audible alarm and is automatically linked to the police. Exercises have been set up with teachers and children to test the system.

Teachers and parents feel reassured by the presence of this alert.

What is PPMS ?
Mayor & President of the metropolis : Mr GIL AVÉROUS

"The safety of our students is among our daily concerns. Since 2018, the City has been deploying resources to ensure a sense of quiet and serenity in the schools."

Châteauroux (36)

Mayor & President of the metropolis : Mr GIL AVÉROUS

Director Municipal Police Mr Franck BOYER

"We worked on the basis of a general invitation to tender, and we were able to come up with a much more personalized project that fully met the expectations of the law enforcement agencies and the educational teams."

Municipal Police

Director Mr Franck BOYER