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Les nouveaux parcours d'encaissement pour optimiser vos flux client

The New Customer Journey

Streamline the purchasing process and improve the in-store customer experience to increase loyalty.

In recent years, the number of sales channels available to consumers has increased drastically. They can go to the store, do a drive-through, click&collect, order online, have their order delivered to a relay point or to their home... Customers are used to going fast, using their smartphone and above all they hate having to wait at the checkout.

Faced with this multitude of choices offered to your customers, it is essential to offer them a pleasant and simple experience to build loyalty.


The customer journey is a set of actual or potential stages through which a customer passes during their relationship with a brand. It is a standard process, beginning with the formalization of the customer’s needs and evolving into action. It takes place in a physical location and / or through digital channels.

The main objective of the Customer Journey is to respond in the best possible way to the needs and aspirations of the customer. Anticipating each of these stages helps limit potential points of friction and provide the most fluid and enjoyable experience possible.

Thoonsen helps retailers to enhance the customer journey through their store by offering several points of expertise :

• Bringing modernity and visual fluidity to points of sale : management and direction of customer flow thanks to black guidance and radar gates.
• Protecting goods against theft without hindering the customer experience : Thoonsen’s Quick Collection anti-theft tags are 30% faster to remove at checkout and do not damage goods.
• Encouraging autonomization of the SCO area with the Self Detacher (allowing customers to remove tags themselves) and the electric gates that control the exit.
• Improving checkout areas with efficient, modular, aesthetic furnishings, designed to increase cost-efficiency and provide a comfortable work station (AFNOR standards).
• Recycling packaging, catalogs and waste with Thoonsen’s dedicated furniture.
• Facilitating home delivery with the MOXO range: electrically assisted scooters and delivery carts.

Our vision of the customer journey is a Low-tech approach, in strict compliance with the rules and regulations in force.


• Since 2017, chrome plating has been banned in Europe due to the toxicity of the production process. Yet many companies still offer these products for sale that are harmful to workers (see the European REACH regulation).
Exemptions are only tolerated for products without other technical solutions (e.g. medical applications), so this is not the case for guidance systems.
• Since the end of 2021, and the Anti-Waste law for a Circular Economy (AWCE), customers must be able to bring back all waste generated by their purchases to the store in which the purchase was made. The installation of furniture offering a solution for the sorting of this waste is therefore mandatory.
• In 2023, the systematic printing of cash register receipts will be prohibited, which will reduce the number of receipts printed each year by 30 billion. It is therefore necessary to integrate this component in the new customer journeys (law 2021-1104 of August 22, 2021 - Authorized security coupon).

To maintain customer loyalty, show them that their comfort and their future is important to you.