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Electronic Article Surveillance ( EAS )

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Our wide range of antitheft products enables retailers to protect all types of items in their stores. These retail tags were designed to be efficient protections that are easy to handle. Moreover, our security tags are quick to lock and to unlock. Our EAS tags are compatible with radio frequency systems ( RF ) and acousto-magnetic antennas too ( AM ). Our anti-shoplifting products for retailers can be lock on all types of retail productsranger from the most fragile items (lingerie, glasses, textile, leather goods etc.) to biggest items (alcohol bottles, paint, dried milk, cans, DIY tools etc.) Our anti-shoplifting devices are even more efficient because they were created in close collaboration with our retail customers (the big retail chains GSA , GSB , GSS) and they are protected by patents. We also offer a wide range of EAS labels with RF EAS stickers and AM labels, which are available in many sizes and shapes. Our security labels offer a precise shoplifting solution to our customers in order to protect frozen products, cosmetics, and micro-wave packagings. Our acousto-magnetic EAS labels can also be inserted inside packagings in order to protect cosmetics from shoplifters discretly. All of our team is at your disposal to help you figure out which EAS loss prevention solutions are best to secure your shop and to reduce thefts. We always have the best security solution that is fit for you.