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EAS Labels

An efficient loss prevention system relies on good quality EAS antennas that are adapted to the shop but it also relies on top quality anti theft stickers and labels.

This is why Thoonsen is proud to offer the best anti-theft solutions with the best quality of EAS labels.

Our range of RF labels are 20% more efficient than classical EAS stickers because we have worked on the printed circuit board of the antitheft labels. We have offset the condenser in order to have a good-quality product because it enhances the detection between the theft prevention antennas.

We also developed a Premium Plus range of EAS labels with a thicker printed circuit board, which generates +40% of detection between EAS antennas in comparison with classical anti theft stickers.

Even if they have a very good performance in terms of detection, our security labels are available at a very attractive price, which enables all the retailers to protect their products.

Thoonsen also gives the possibility for its customers to customize their security stickers with their own logo.

Our range of acousto-magnetic antitheft labels ( AM ) has been developped by specialists of that same technology. AM security labels are made of three ferromagnetic stickers of high quality. Therefore, our AM EAS labels have a superior detection of +20% between antitheft systems in comparison with standard antitheft stickers that only have two ferromagnetic sticks.