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Quick Bottle - Alarm for bottles

Ref : JM12018R
Quick Bottle - Alarm for bottles
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This bottle security tag is ideal to protect wine, spirit and champagne bottles against shoplifers.

Description :

Better security for your products : Its form fits perfectly around the bottle.

Respects your products : Its design means that the information on top of the bottle can still be seen.

Saves time : It opens easily so the bottle doesn’t get shaken at the checkout. Only one hand is needed to put on and remove the tag, making it simpler and quicker to use.

Discretion : The discreet size of this tag means it fits well onto displays or in wooden display crates.

Optionnal color range : This range was introduced to enable store managers to differentiate the price range of their products. This prevents price barcodes being exchanged on expensive products.

RF: Red Super Lock - JM1B019

RF: Black Standard Lock - JM1B008

RF: Black Super Lock - JM1B018

RF: Green Super Lock - JM1B016

RF: Orange Super Lock - JM1B017

AM: Black Super Lock - JM5B01

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