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Quick Cap - Bottle Security

Ref : JM11819
Quick Cap - Bottle Security
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Description :

Better security: The new metal ring guarantees the full protection of your alcohol as the Quick Cap cannot be cut by everyday tools. It also prevents in-store consumption.

Respects your products: With its transparency, it does not prevent the customer reading the information on the cap.

Saves time: Thanks to its new locking system, employees spend less time putting on and removing tags. You can open it very easily with a Textile detacher, without shaking the bottle, to improve the fluidity at the checkout.

Saves place: The discreet size of this tag means it fits well onto displays or in wooden display crates.



RF: JM1B219 Red Super Lock - SMALL
RF: JM1B319 Red Super Lock - LARGE
AM: JM5B218 Black
 Super Lock - SMALL
AM: JM5B318 
Black Super Lock - LARGE

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