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Quick Wrap - Self-retracting BoxGrip

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Ref : JM15050
Quick Wrap - Self-retracting BoxGrip
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The Quick Wrap EAS tag is the perfect protection for video-game consoles multimedia household appliance and more

Description :

Automatic winding: New winding mecanism, the Quick Wrap automatically and quickly closes. No problem with cables tangled anymore.


Saves time: Very easy to put on and take off. Use it with a textile detacher.


Better protection:

Two different alarms:  
- if someone cuts the cable, the Quick Wrap beeps with a strong sound signal
- the antennas beep if it goes through them.


Respect the products: These protections do not damage your products.


RF / AM: SE15100 Quick Wrap standard lock

RF: SE10110 Quick Wrap verrou super lock


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