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Security ring 65 mm

Ref : JM12065-18
Security ring 65 mm
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This security tag is ideal to protect your products from shoplifters: Items on display, product in cases.

Description :

Our range of security rings with silicon grip were designed to prevent the tags being pulled off. This makes it possible to protect expensive canned drinks (Red Bull, Monster) but also aerosol cans (spray paints) etc.


The band of silicon means that the can are protected, without risk of damage.


These new rings are wider, reinforced and contain a longer ferrite for even better detection in stores with wide aisle entrances to protect.


Dimensions: 30mm / 40mm / 65mm silicone / 90mm silicone / 135mm 


Security Ring 65 mm silicone (Black)
55 to 70mm diameter

RF: JM12618 Super Lock 
​AM: JM52618 Super Lock 

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