Case Studies

Intermarche Vaux-le-Pénil

Products used :
Anti-theft antennas & accessories, Blackline guidance & fitting, anti-incivility alert buttons.

Mrs. Carine DIAN

Member of the INTERMARCHÉ store in Vaux-le-Pénil

"French" and "family", two strong words that motivated me to work with Thoonsen and its robust and reliable products.

When you build a point of sale, you have a lot of work to do and little time : structural work, equipment... You expect a service provider to have expertise, to be efficient in making decisions. That's what I liked about Thoonsen, we optimized everything to the maximum. Their advice during the installation answered our problems : checkout line, entrances/exits, mechanization, SCO area, budget, materials, global aesthetics, security of course... During the installation, everything went smoothly. The technician was very attentive and adapted to the problems of the site in situ. Availability and adaptability are one of the company's great strengths.

The design of the products is qualitative and aesthetic, adapting to the concept of the store (with the brand reminder). It is very important for us to take care of the smallest details in our stores. The antennas that do not deactivate the anti-theft tags are also what makes the difference. The gates and accessories are very reliable.

Finally, we are located near a difficult district, and our staff is afraid of violent behavior. The anti-incivility alert buttons are reassuring for the cashiers, who are reassured to know that we can intervene very quickly if necessary.

Quality, price, services... The service is as good as expected, and the success is there : everyone tells me that my checkout line is great ! The area is harmonious and designed. Thoonsen, it's a whole. All that's missing is the massage service at the end of the job !

Thierry Jacquot

M. Thierry JACQUOT

Manager of the INTERMARCHÉ store in Vaux-le-Pénil

For my part, I am satisfied with the choice of Mrs. Dian with regard to the aesthetic rendering, which corresponds to the Intermarché charter. Black antennas, black guidance : we find the atmosphere of the store (cf. gondola heads for example).

The anti-theft antennas remain discreet, with their transparency or the brand reminder integrated in the store entrance. The installation of the accessories is easy and efficient : there have already been some arrests since the opening. The staff is also satisfied with the removal of the locks, thanks in particular to the remote detachment system.

And finally, the novelty : the anti-incivility alert button brings great moral comfort to our employees. Until now, we haven't needed it. But the cashiers are comforted to have this very discreet, efficient and quick solution at hand.